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Map started
Sun Mar 26 21:35:05 2023
Player NameScoreK/D (Assist)#


Server RulesThis are the rules on uL |PCW Promod_263|#3


1: We hold a zero tolerance against cheaters. This includes hacking, Scripting.
2: Be nice towards each other, refrain form racism and bullying.
3 :No need to spam any messages, we see you.
4: Don’t argue with Members and Admins, you won’t win.
5: No use of abusive or offensive language (in any language) or behavior towards players, members and admins.
6: Don’t advertise, We’re not interesed in your server, site, clan or product.
7: Form even (and fair) teams, don’t stack up.
8: Dont use 333 FPS on our Servers:

For Problems talk with Admins.
To Join our Community ask our Admins.
1vugi5044 1.14
2nfe KKKKK4940 1.23
3|Laura:]4562 0.73
4.aGa4336 1.19
5PitBull3636 1
6KLUKVA3426 1.31
7nfe mrshLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL2129 0.72
8nfe LEZYHHHHHHHHH2227 0.81
10UniT#HeroBoy1510 1.5
11nfe ZUMA MACRO?FINGER1214 0.86
12nfe SORRY!you die!LEZYHH1418 0.78
13Flak1221 0.57
14UniT#Instinct127 1.71
15acme1314 0.93
16Tony138 1.63
17UniT#CloudEx1510 1.5
181216 0.75
19W@rZ/Butyok1112 0.92
20cakiee615 0.4
21IcH|John_Jay617 0.35
22SkeLe00 0
23kknez015 0
24Koyak2700 0
25psycho00 0
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