uL |PCW Promod_263|#2Current map Crossfire



Map started
Sun Mar 26 16:13:46 2023
Player NameScoreK/D (Assist)#


Server RulesThis are the rules on uL |PCW Promod_263|#2


1: We hold a zero tolerance against cheaters. This includes hacking, Scripting.
2: Be nice towards each other, refrain form racism and bullying.
3 :No need to spam any messages, we see you.
4: Don’t argue with Members and Admins, you won’t win.
5: No use of abusive or offensive language (in any language) or behavior towards players, members and admins.
6: Don’t advertise, We’re not interesed in your server, site, clan or product.
7: Form even (and fair) teams, don’t stack up.
8: Dont use 333 FPS on our Servers:

For Problems talk with Admins.
To Join our Community ask our Admins.
1Stimac :>385348 1.11
2mali kalas164121 1.36
3W@rZ/DeLeTe147188 0.78
4shacoigrac13571 1.9
5MURDOC+65111 0.59
6pArAnoId6851 1.33
7z1nkARY'6945 1.53
8dashacg6155 1.11
9AmedoWWW5742 1.36
10TeamSpeakUser4982 0.6
11smoothaim4457 0.77
12W@rZ/zetor_72454577 0.58
13nfe GdZrr.3820 1.9
14old chicken :D3929 1.34
15[UP] RemoveKebab.mp33618 2
16EL FENOMENO Ch4rL!33831 1.23
17CHANZ03734 1.09
18m3625 1.44
19ProXicT.3621 1.71
20SVR3526 1.35
21stipzje-3125 1.24
22Good4u3023 1.3
23Seifner2821 1.33
24fizi2415 1.6
25ED La` P H X Y #252313 1.77
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