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Map started
Sun Mar 19 23:16:05 2023
Player NameScoreK/D (Assist)#


Server RulesThis are the rules on uL |PCW Promod_263|#1


1: We hold a zero tolerance against cheaters. This includes hacking, Scripting.
2: Be nice towards each other, refrain form racism and bullying.
3 :No need to spam any messages, we see you.
4: Don’t argue with Members and Admins, you won’t win.
5: No use of abusive or offensive language (in any language) or behavior towards players, members and admins.
6: Don’t advertise, We’re not interesed in your server, site, clan or product.
7: Form even (and fair) teams, don’t stack up.
8: Dont use 333 FPS on our Servers:

For Problems talk with Admins.
To Join our Community ask our Admins.
1Kawasak13332 1.03
2dexinho3026 1.15
3hYpY2416 1.5
4Anonymous2132 0.66
5BRAVO ONworld188 2.25
6PRODIGEE1719 0.89
7JIJA215 4.2
8meowyzy157 2.14
9Griss1714 1.21
10BRAVO Shark1411 1.27
11Lowkey1516 0.94
12major7391149 1.56
13kikuchiyo1313 1
14Naylon1420 0.7
16Mamak1316 0.81
17Donjkeee^127 1.71
18Cassish1015 0.67
19b o ' AA1012 0.83
20infinite715 0.47
21svr626268 0.75
22dev Hidda00 0
23dev WoO:]00 0
24dev Reaper00 0
25dev STOLZ00 0
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